Photo Credits

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to the images and media found on this website and related Animal Connections social media sites:

The American Veterinary Medical Association

Ann Batdorf -- Smithsonian National Zoo

Ashley Pruitt

Bina Chandler

Conley and Koontz – Conley and Koontx Equine Hospital

The Found Animals Foundation

Jeff Sutton, DVM -- Gulf Coast Veterinary Emergency Hospital, Biloxi, MI

Jessie Cohen -- Smithsonian National Zoo

Kathleen Byrnes, DVM -- East Marietta Animal Hospital, Marietta, GA

Kevin Brumfield, DVM -- Northwood Animal Hospital Tallahassee, FL

Kevin Fitzgerald, DVM

Lisa Ware -- Smithsonian National Zoo

Mary S. DeLorey, DVM --, and North West Equine Dentistry Inc.

Mehgan Murphy -- Smithsonian National Zoo

Michele Ruby

Patti Klein Manke, DVM -- Woodstock Veterinary Clinic, Woodstock, IL

Sarah Lawer

Sarah K. Wolf --

Suzan Murray – Chief Veterinarian, Smithsonian National Zoo

Teri Soares –

The U.S. Department of Agriculture