What do Veterinarians Do?

We know they take care of dogs and cats, but what else does a veterinarian do?

Veterinarians protect the health of both people and animals. They work hard to address the health needs of every species of animal and they also play an important role in protecting the environment, food safety, animal welfare, and public health. And just like you, pets need regular examinations. All kinds of animals depend on a veterinarian. Here are just a few things that veterinarians do!
  • When farm animals are sick, veterinarians are there to help.
  • Veterinarians keep cows healthy to protect our milk supply. 
  • Veterinarians also care for zoo animals. 
  • Veterinarians care for our endangered species. 
  • Veterinarians keep our service animals healthy so they can help others. 
  • Veterinarians help make sure our food is safe to eat.
  • Veterinarians and physicians work together to cure diseases.
  • Veterinarians work with NASA and the military.